The Wind Hurricane Mitigation Inspection is a very important and valuable, specially in South Florida. With this Wind Mitigation Inspection Certificate Report, accompanied with pictures, it is demonstrated to the insurance that your property meets those necessary standards required by the insurance companies in order to give the relevant discounts which reduce storm insurance coverage premiums. These discounts given by the insurance companies are available for building features that reduce damage in the event of high winds.

These discounts are justified because it demonstrates that the property has those necessary, strong, and wind­resistant elements, built in accordance to building codes, and which have been shown to lower losses in times of strong winds and hurricanes. This structures of wind mitigation, thus reduce costs for insurance companies in the event of damage.



Most houses have construction features which are resistant to hurricanes, helping the customer obtain discounts on insurance up to 40% or 50% depending on the type of construction and protection of the inspected property.

Home Inspections Halley provides a thorough and reliable Wind Mitigation inspection, which once submitted to any Insurance Company, will help you save money year after year with discounts on the premium. By answering a series of questions regarding a house Wind Mitigation, whether already existing or planned in the future, the insurance savings calculator wind (WISC), will help to determine which level of savings you may be eligible for. All home­owners in the state of Florida, Miami Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach counties should take advantage of the benefits of being able to have a secure a Mitigation inspection carried out on your property. Let us help you lower your insurance premium. Contact us today and save!